Story behind NinaRozina

Making something out of nothing, cutting and sewing different pieces of material into one finished product is intriguing and challenging, but most importantly: it makes me happy.

Yearning to improve my sewing skills, I started attending various professional sewing workshops, and I started my second college degree: I enrolled at Faculty of Natural Sciences (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) for a degree in textile engineering. At the same time, I continued to develop different pieces of clothing and accessories: everything from skirts, t-shirts, hoodies, to bags and bathroom accessories.

Some time along this path I came across ˝Pandora - Art of Pole˝ - a pole dance studio in my hometown (Maribor, Slovenia). I started creating costumes and first pole wear for them in 2013. Since then I fell in love with pole dance -- I've been an active Pandora pole dancer for three years now! -- and I continued to develop as a dancer and creator, getting first-hand feedback regarding patterns, materials and comfort directly from my new pole family. Who better to ask than pole dancers, right? Over the years they encouraged me to pursue my passion and gave me strength and courage to finally make a step forward: they helped me turn what used to be a dream and a little more than a hobby into a sustainable business.

On this website (which is well on its way to become a serious webstore) you can find four styles of pole panties and two different styles of pole tops. They are all made of top quality materials that offer full comfort and support during workout. They are handmade with a lot of love and in small numbers, and they can be color customized to perfectly match the desires of the customer. I will be adding more styles simultaneously with creating a new and stunning webstore.

Hope you enjoy my work! My email and instagram profile are at the bottom of this page. Feel free to write if you have any questions or comments.




Classic style, mid-waist.
The mid-waist cut fits most female figures



Classic style, mid-waist.
Cut a little bit higher to emphasize the female figure



Retro style, high waist.
Inspired by swimwear from the 50's and crafted for a perfect fit during workout, with full comfort and support.



Sporty style, mid-waist.
The sportiest model of them all, made for toughest challenges. These are tight and keep everything in place while you work out.



Sporty style.
Made to be tight and keep everything in place during work out.



Elegant style.
Elegant, yet tight and secure, version of the sporty top.

Online shop coming in 2021!

In the mean time, feel free to write with comments and inquiries.